Don’t Frack CA

Dont Frack CA

Over 4000 people went to Sacramento today to send a message to Governor Jerry Brown and the California legislature – Stop Fracking in CA. They came in buses from as far away as San Diego in the south and Humboldt County in the north.

There were some great speakers, including these two first year students at UC Berkeley whose message was “Don’t Frack Our Future.”

Halfway through the rally, we encircled the Capitol Building and then returned for more speakers and singing.

If you are wondering how this is related to food, it has to do with the dual impacts of fracking on water.

In the midst of the worst drought in California history, the fracking industry is using millions of gallons of water as part of the process of fracking. This water is contaminated by the chemicals they use and it has to be buried deep underground, permanently removing this precious resource from other uses.

According to the industry, burying this water won’t impact ground water. However, no one knows for sure if that is true. California has many geologic faults and many believe that the chemicals will seep through cracks and contaminate the ground water used for, among other things, agriculture. California’s Central Valley grows the produce that feeds millions of Americans. When/if the ground water is contaminated, it will be too late to go back.

If you live in CA – write or call the Governor’s office (916-445-2841), call your Senator and Assembly member and ask them to support the Moratorium bill SB 1132, and get involved. Find out more information at Don’t Frack California and Californians Against Fracking.

As one of the signs I saw today said, “We can live without oil, but we can’t live without water.”