eatLocalGrownI found this website last night and wanted to share it with you. The site is

The founder of the site – Rick D. (I don’t know if that is him in the picture above) – created it to help more people find and eat locally grown food. You can log in and post information and/or ratings of farms, ranches, restaurants, artisans, and farmer’s markets. Or you can input your zip code and find these places to buy food near you.

Rick D. thought he was eating a healthy diet, until he started reading books by Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman and others and watching documentaries about our food system.

The more I learned, the more I felt that I had been lied to. And manipulated. I really thought my family had been eating a healthy diet. I had no clue. We’d go and fill our cart at Costco with food that was ‘supposed’ to be good for us. And then I’d feed it to my kids. It said it was good! Yep, right there on the label, the food told me it was healthy. And like an idiot, I believed it…

So I was pissed off. Very pissed! The more I learned, the worse the situation seemed. And all the while these questions were spinning around in my head- How could these big companies make these health claims on the labels of their food? Did they make a mistake? Or did they really believe that the crap they were packaging is truly healthy? Could they just actually lie and get away with it? Would these companies really put their profits ahead of the health of their customers?

Obviously, he realized the answer to his last question, was Yes.

He started buying food at farmer’s markets and from other local sources. But he also knew more needed to be done.

I want the farms that I buy from, and the thousands of others like them, to thrive. But many of them aren’t. They are working very hard and barely breaking even. Many of the farmers that I speak with tell me that they need to have other jobs to make ends meet. There’s just not enough awareness.

EatLocalgrown is our way of helping to change that. It’s a big job. It will take many people and a lot of time. We are one of many that are fighting this fight. We’re outnumbered, we have less resources, and less time. But we’ll fight because we know we need to. And every day we get a few more on our side. We spread the word and educate each other. Knowledge is power!

Please, check out the site and add information about your local sources of food or rate the places nearby that are already listed. This is a great cause and needs our participation and support to succeed.


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