Want to Eat Fresh? – Make it Yourself

Stop Using AzodicarbonamideThe furor over the chemical in Subway’s bread, brought to light by the blogger Food Babe, is just another symptom of our broken industrialized food system.

Subway, other restaurants and processed food companies do everything they can to minimize cost and create profit. They also engineer their products to look and smell delicious – and maximize shelf life. In order to do all of this they use cheap ingredients (which probably means GMO products) and add additives and chemicals to provide the look and smell that will attract consumers. Our food is engineered by chemists, not chefs. “Cooking” in this way guarantees that there are going to be ingredients that are unhealthy and unsafe for humans.

Scanning the headlines on Food Babe’s site, I found these other examples of unhealthy and unsafe food:

  • Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • How Pepperidge Farm Duped My Family
  • The Shocking Ingredients in Beer
  • You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty is Hiding in Your Food
  • Do You Eat Beaver Butt? (I’m not making this stuff up – honestly, I didn’t even want to know)

Another troubling aspect of this story is the fact that Subway doesn’t use this chemical in their bread in the EU, United Kingdom and Australia. Why? Perhaps in those places the government watchdogs haven’t been infiltrated with former executives from corporations that don’t want stringent rules regarding food additives, or the laws that the regulatory agencies enforce haven’t been watered down by legislators influenced by corporate money.

If you want to “Eat Fresh” and stay healthy, you need to cook for yourself and your family.

There are lots of easy to prepare recipes – soups, stews or casseroles – that will make sufficient food for dinner and have left-overs for lunches. You will also save money by not eating out so often.

When my wife and I create our weekly menu we plan both dinners and lunches – entrees and vegetables. We try to do a lot of the cooking on the weekend so we’re not having to make a soup or other dish after work on a weeknight – or be tempted to eat out.

When you prepare your own food you control what goes in it. If you can’t find fresh vegetables, use frozen. Stock up on the ingredients you use most often when they go on sale so you have on hand what you need.

We all need to take charge of our health and one of the best ways to do this is to spend more time in the kitchen cooking for ourselves.


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