Blessed Rain

Singing in the RainIt’s raining in Northern California this morning. What a blessing. While the rest of the country has been getting record cold and precipitation, we are experiencing an unprecedented drought this winter. Here are some details I found at the National Weather Service.

January 2014 re-wrote the record books in Sacramento. A plethora of records set in Sacramento California throughout January 2014 during this historic drought. Here are the highlights, many records never seen before in the capital City.

1. Longest dry period during the rainy season (nov-mar) from Dec 7, 2013 to Jan 29, 2014, 52 days. The old record was 44 days from Nov 15, 1976 to Dec 28, 1976 ( measurable rain)

2. The third driest Jan in history since 1850 with 0.20 inches dating back to smithsonian institution records.

3. Jan precipitation ended with 0.20 inches. Normal is 3.97 inches. This is only 5 percent of normal.

4. Jan 2014 broke highest average maximum temperature with 66.1 degrees. The old record was 62.1 degrees set in 1976. Average monthly maximum only 55.1 degrees.

5. New all-time record high for the month of Jan set on Jan 24, 2014 of 79 degrees. The old record was 74 degrees on Jan 31,1976.

6. Jan 2014 broke the number of days with high temperatures of 70 degrees or higher at 7 days. The previous record was 6 days set in 1976.

7. Tied the record for consecutive days of high temperatures at 70 degrees or higher with 3 days in Jan from Jan 23, 2014 to Jan 25 2014. Previous record was Jan 29, 1976 to Jan 31, 1976.

8. Record high temperatures set on 12 different days in Jan 2014

Jan 1….65 degrees….tied record set in 1887.
Jan 2….66 degrees….breaks record of 65 set in 1940.
Jan 3….66 degrees….breaks record of 64 set in 2012.
Jan 7….65 degrees….tied record set in 2012.
Jan 15…69 degrees….breaks record of 68 set in 2003.
Jan 16…71 degrees….breaks record of 68 set in 1991.
Jan 18…70 degrees….tied record set in 1976.
Jan 20…71 degrees….breaks record of 69 set in 1976.
Jan 23…71 degrees….breaks record of 69 set in 1948.
Jan 24…79 degrees….breaks record of 70 set in 1984.(All-time)jan
Jan 25…74 degrees….breaks record of 71 set in 1899.
Jan 28…70 degrees….tied record set in 1984.

9. Everyday in Jan 2014 the daytime high temperature was above normal for the month, normal high range is 53 to 57 degrees. Jan 2014 was 57 to 79 degrees.

10. Finally, we are hoping for a fabulous Feb 2014. All-time record for rain in Feb is 10.30 inches set in 1986.

Special note: Sacramento statical data was used due to its lengthy history for records dating back to 1849 for precipitation and 1877 for temperatures. Several other locations throughout interior northern California did break records, but due to the detailed data base for Sacramento detailed information was verified.

The 10-day forecast does show a chance of more precipitation later this week and next weekend.  I’ll pray for more rain here and milder temperatures for my friends back east.



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