Let Them Eat Cake!?

Chocolate Cake

Photo from Flickr by texascooking

Great article today at the Guardian on fad diets by Emma Brockes. Every year in January there is a new crop of fad diets to help people forget the one they tried last January that didn’t work.

She reminds her readers that when the Paleo Diet first was introduced by the New York Times – in the Style section – “everyone mocked it for going so far beyond parody that it threatened to service another trend piece by actually spelling the death of something?” However, now its gone mainstream and this month there were four new Paleo books available – including a dessert cookbook. Did our Paleo ancestors make the first lava cake?

This years new fad – the MAD or Marie Antoinette Diet – How to Eat Cake and Still Lose Weight. The author, Karen Wheeler, was inspired by reading about Marie Antoinette and her eating habits. Pastries for breakfast, a hearty lunch, small dinner and 12 hours of fasting.

As the book blurb has it, “the French queen ate cake for breakfast and was fond of hot chocolate, but seems to have known instinctively what scientific studies have recently shown: for example, it is not what you eat, but when you eat it.”

As I wrote earlier this month – don’t try to lose weight this year with a fad diet, make a lifestyle change for better overall health.


The problem is that a large part of the diet industry would like you to fail and come back next year for more. The best-seller lists know us too well – our lack of attention span, our need to be teased and bullied into a regimen – and reward us with built-in obsolescence.

The cycle of weight loss and gain that characterizes most individual diets, applies to the industry as a whole.

Don’t get trapped in this game, take charge of your health.

If you need help, Rip Esselstyn of the Engine 2 Diet fame is sponsoring a 28-Day Challenge in collaboration with Whole Foods Markets. The stores are holding classes, demos and dinners to make it easy to get Plant-Strong. The Challenge begins February 3, so find a Whole Foods near you and get started.

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