Buddah’s Hand and Romanesco

Buddah's Hand

I saw these interesting foods at Whole Foods the other day that I had never seen before.

Pictured above is a fruit called Buddah’s Hand. Reading about it, it is a fruit mostly grown in Japan and is a citron. It is very fragrant, but it is essentially all peel with a little bit of flesh in the main part of the fruit.

RomanescoThis is a vegetable called Romanesco. I had seen these at the Farmers’ Market and here at Whole Foods. It is in the broccoli family and tastes like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. To me it looks like a cauliflower turned fractal.

I saw several recipes for baking this like you would cauliflower to enjoy its nutty flavor.

I’m not sure why I had never seen these before. However, I doubt that either are grown in Vermont, where we lived before moving to CA. We’ve seen so many fruits and vegetables that were new to us this year.

Not much time to blog this week, getting ready for a trip to visit family and friends over the holidays. I will try to get another post in later in the week – on hope.



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