Dr. McDougall – Osteoporosis and the Broken Bone Business

John McDougall

One of the things I love about living near San Francisco is all of the opportunities to do things. This evening my wife and I went to a vegan dinner sponsored by the Wellness Center and the San Francisco Vegetarian Society.

After a wonderful dinner prepared by certified Nutrition Consultant  Patricia Allen Koot, we watched this presentation by Dr. John McDougall about osteoporosis and bone health. He explained how the medical and pharmaceutical establishments game the system to make lots of money from women who have fears about this disease – promoted by front groups they fund – like the National Osteoporosis Foundation. This foundation’s corporate “advisors” include Amgen, Bayer Healthcare, Eli Lilly, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer.

McDougall’s advice is to avoid drug therapies for osteoporosis and let a whole food, plant-based diet and exercise keep your bones strong and healthy. Eating dairy and meat products add acid to your system and the body neutralizes this acid by removing calcium from your bones. This starts the process that leads to osteoporosis.

Here is the entire presentation. You can find it on YouTube along with other videos by Dr. McDougall.

This video was recorded at one of Dr. McDougall’s Advanced Study Weekends. There is one coming up in February, featuring Caldwell Esselstyn and Colin Campbell and other speakers on nutrition and health. The weekends also include all meals prepared following Dr. McDougall’s eating plan.


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