Michael Greger M.D.

Michael Greger M.D.

I discovered a great website this evening – someone at our vegan Meet-Up told me about it. it is the website of Dr. Michael Greger in partnership with the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation.

Dr. Greger reviews nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and creates short, easy to understand video segments highlighting the research.  The site also provides links to the original journal articles whenever possible.

There is also a blog with additional information. The newest article is titled Industry Influence on Our Dietary Guidelines and highlights the U.S. government’s first try at setting dietary guidelines back in 1977. The Senate had created a Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs headed by George McGovern. His committee’s guidelines recommended limiting salt, sugar, dairy, eggs and meat.

The food industry’s reaction was swift. They successfully got the Senate leadership to quash these guidelines and have this new committee disbanded and ownership of these guidelines turned over to the Agriculture Committee, which they could better control.

If only these recommendations had been allowed to become the U.S. dietary guidelines, the incidence of chronic diseases might have been slowed and our healthcare costs wouldn’t be out of control.

Please visit Dr. Greger’s site and learn more about this and other nutrition health topics.



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