One Track Heart

Krishna Das

The sun shines, right? Some flowers bloom, others don’t, some bloom faster than others. But it’s not the sun that’s different, right. The sun is shining the same on everybody.

Krishna Das, explaining how his guru Maharaj-ji gave everyone the same unconditional love, but it was up to each person how they would receive it.

Earlier this summer we saw the movie One Track Heart, a documentary about Krishna Das, a devotee of Maharaj-ji and, according to the New York Times, “the chant master of the American yoga scene.” It is a beautiful film with interviews with Ram Dass, Daniel Goleman and others.

The quote above is from an interview with Krishna Das in the latest issue of Common Ground magazine. You can read the entire interview online.

I thought this quote was incredibly perceptive. We all get nourishment from the sun or the supreme being or guru we worship. But we all experience this differently.

The interview and movie highlight the years of anguish and self-destruction that followed Maharij-ji’s leaving his human form and the struggle to get back to his spiritual roots and chanting as a way to reconnect to his guru.

I highly recommend the movie and his music.


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